Tracking the spread

Haley Tisone and Miranda Peckman

COVID-19 has caused an uproar of panic all over the world for the last few months. Many countries are struggling to keep their citizens healthy and hospitals are overwhelmed and in desperate need of equipment.

This is uncharted territory and no one is sure of the “right” way to handle the outbreak. Every country must learn from each other, many are trying different restrictions, rules, etc.

To find the best way to help the spread of Coronavirus, one must compare those different techniques and see if one has a lower death toll and amount of cases than the rest.

Listening to the news, many have heard the U.S. has surpassed China’s number of Coronavirus cases and that Germany has had very few, so the chart below will compare the three. (Statistics are from March 27, 2020.)

Country and population Cases Death toll Testing Shut downs/ Restrictions % who’ve caught the virus
America; 327.2 million.  85,356 1,246 The number of public health laboratories that have completed verification and are offering testing is 91.”-CDC ⅓ of Americans are being told to stay home.

17 States have issued “stay at home” orders, closing nonessential businesses.

The colleges have been closed with classes online. Public gatherings of 1000 people have been banned. 

China; 1.386 billion 81,340 3,292 Not much information on the amount of tests available, but China advised not to make people pay for tests.  A lockdown on nearly 60 million people in Hubei and strict quarantine and travel restrictions for hundreds of millions of citizens and foreigners. .00587%

82.79 million 

49,344 304 The country has the fifth most tests worldwide. Border controls on its frontiers. Also all events with over1000 people are cancelled. The entry restrictions were expanded to include flights from Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Luxembourg, Denmark and Switzerland. The new entry restrictions also apply to sea transport from Denmark. .0596%


Each country is handling the virus differently. Most of these countries are almost completely shut down.

After putting different countries side by side, it is evident not one particularly stands out. Even though Germany has been said to be handling this the best, when looking at the percent of people who have caught the virus they have even more than China because of their small population.

In the end, a best or worst way can not be determined because the approaches are so similar. It can be assumed every country wants what is best for their people, therefore everyone should stick to listening to the government’s recommendations.

The whole world is working towards the same goal; to get life back to normal and stop the spread of this virus.

A positive is that even though the virus has been causing a lot of stress when looking at the percent of people of the population actually contracting it, the below 1% statistic may help relieve that anxiety.

Remember in these tough times all we can do is our best. Stay safe!