Social distancing can be fun and productive!

Jenna Vrabel, Sophomore Contributor

Social Distancing… a new concept, especially for college and high school students. In this lifetime, no pandemic this extreme has ever occurred. Not even the older generations have experienced a shutdown this serious. While we are trying to “flatten the curve,” many teens will soon be bored from being cooped up in their houses all day. This time feels strange, especially for the seniors who were looking forward to their last few months of high school. Without being able to see friends and go out, we find ourselves needing something to do besides snacking and doing homework. This is a time that is hard as it feels we’re being robbed of a portion of our youth, but we can still make the best of it. Here is a list of things you and your family can do on break that can help pass the time, and maybe help you enjoy self quarantine.

  1. Sleep in– This one is a given, but most of us were sleep deprived before isolation, so now is the perfect time to sleep in and enjoy some rest.
  2. Go outside for a walk– Spending all day in a house makes you feel cooped up, going out for a walk, even if it’s just in the neighborhood for a mile, can make the fresh air feel so serene.
  3. Learn a new hobby– While stuck inside, may as well try something new, whether its cooking, painting, or even trying an old instrument a family member used, this time can help you find a new passion you didn’t know you could have.
  4. Find a new book– Whether it’s a parents face, one loved by a sibling, or one you bought and forgot about, reading can be a relaxing way to pass time and strengthen your mind
  5. Make a list of favorite movies/tv shows to watch– Who doesn’t love a good binge-watching session? It’s a relaxing way to have fun or relive memories you forgot about.
  6. Have a picnic– Enjoy the fresh air, go outside with family and have fun with each other.
  7. Play a board game- In times where we often find boredom, why not start a never ending game of monopoly? 
  8. Start a family competition– whether it’s a cooking contest like “Chopped”, or seeing who can play the best prank, the quarantine can be a fun way to strengthen your family’s bond.
  9. Have a self care day– Take a bath, do some facemasks, drink some tea, just take the time to relax and treat yourself for all the school work you’ve managed to complete.
  10. Find new music- With days of freetime, why not try to find new songs by your favorite artists and add new playlists
  11. Have a group Facetime- Just because you can’t see your friends in real life, doesn’t mean you can’t spend the day with them virtually, you can even keep each other company, so they don’t feel so alone.
  12.  Practice your favorite sport- Whether your season ended up cancelled or not, you can still have fun and strengthen your skills.
  13. Do the chore you’ve been procrastinating- We all have them, whether it’s our messy closet, bedroom, or just going through your old stuff, everyone has a chore they put off, but will feel good to have done.