Giant Eagle’s Littler explains how the company is handling Coronavirus

Griffin Littler, Sophomore Contributor

With the idea of being locked in your house for a long time during quarantines or shutdowns panic ensues and you rush out to the packed Giant Eagle to stock up on food for the long break. This has greatly affected how stores like Giant Eagle are staffed, stocked, and run.

I sat down with my dad Dave Littler who is a co-manager at Giant Eagle in Boardman and got information on how Giant Eagle is being affected.

With all the concern about the virus spreading Giant Eagle has taken numerous steps to reduce the spread of the virus. When asked about these safety procedures had this to say, “Giant Eagle has massively increased the amount of times a day that it is cleaning registers, touch screens, restrooms and common areas. Plexiglass has been installed at registers to help allow cashiers to have a secure divider between them and the customer. All shopping carts are sanitized and disinfected as they are brought into the building.”

With all the people stocking up on supplies this leads to many items being ether out of stock or have very little left in stores. This has left stores and workers increasing the workload for the staff.

“With the increased amount of business, We have been hiring for all shifts, in all departments to help with restocking, cleaning and servicing the customer,” said Littler.

And when jokingly asked if all the memes about people stocking up on toilet paper and other supplies are true he had this to say,  “It’s sad to say, but yes. It has been hard to get various products such as toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners and hand sanitizers in stock on a consistent basis because of the insanely high demand for these products.”

With all of the panic and anxiety setting in this has left the public scared confused and even angry. This has also changed a lot of people perspectives or ideas about sickness and when asked if the frenzy of emotions from customers and sickness being spread has affected how he goes about working

Littler has this to say, “Yes. I have to make sure that I am distancing myself from coworkers and customers alike. A lot of people are taking extra precautions while in the stores, as are Team members. The public just needs to realize that the products that they want or need are in high demand and that it’s not our fault that we can’t get them on a regular basis.We have been working long hours for over the past two weeks to try to meet customer demand. A little compassion, a positive attitude, and a thank you go a long way.”

So next time, think twice before going out to stock up and whether you absolutely need to go out during quarantine. Giant Eagle is trying its best to ensure the safety of all of its customers and staff in this stressful time.