Home + school = not so bad

Bella Fritz, Sophomore Contributor

How has the break has affected your grades and your motivation to do school work, and do you prefer doing school work from home or at school? 

Whether your grades have gone up, down or if they remained the same, answer the following questions: Have you gotten all of your school work done on time? Have you been trying your hardest on all of your school work? Do you wait until the last minute to get assignments done? And lastly, does doing schoolwork from home make it easier, or is it harder to get used to since most of our school work has been done in a classroom for our whole lives? 

The break from school due to the Coronavirus has not really affected my grades a whole lot, if anything they may have gone up a little bit, but not significantly, because I am already at home. This has made my grades stay pretty consistent, and in some classes has even made my grades go up. I can take breaks whenever I feel like I need one, and it makes me much more productive when doing schoolwork, despite the fact that I have a lot more distractions in my house.


I think the break has made it a lot easier to get schoolwork done on time, because I am less tired and less worried about wanting to go home…”

— Bella Fritz

I have been trying my hardest at my schoolwork, and I honestly enjoy most of my schoolwork. Taking notes on a video or reading an article is pretty enjoyable to me when I am in the comfort of my own home. I feel like I’m doing it for fun and not for a grade. Enjoying my schoolwork has made it extremely easy to put forth my best effort on my assignments. 

Normally, I do not wait until the last minute to get things done, unless I completely forget about the assignment or I forget to check Google Classroom or any of the other online platforms that teachers have used to get their assignments sent to their students. Usually, when I wake up, I get started on everything that I need to do for that day so that I have less to worry about later in the evening. 

The only part that is more difficult about learning online is keeping track of assignments. When you have four or five teachers sending a few emails a day, or posting a few things on Google Classroom each day, it’s extremely easy to forget about assignments for one class while focusing on assignments for another class.

It can also be challenging to understand exactly what is expected of you, because teachers are not verbally explaining it in a classroom setting as we have all been used to, but most teachers have been very understanding of this and it’s super easy to just send an email to a teacher for some clarification on any assignments.

For students that may not have a computer or a printer at home, this can be a challenge as well; luckily I am not faced with that problem, but I’m sure online school has made things difficult for some students who may not have easy access to the internet or a computer to view their work.