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Take a Deep Breath

March 28, 2018

Get to know your local nail salon

Diem Mi Le, Senior Contributor

March 26, 2018

Many people struggle to choose which nail salon where they can get a relaxing experience. Since there are so many options just in the Boardman-Canfield area, we decided to investigate the best stores to get the highest quality...

Reading is Lit!

Reading is Lit!

March 26, 2018

Athletes’ work doesn’t stop during off-season

Cece Economus and Svetha Nallapaneni

March 23, 2018

The student athletes of Canfield High School work hard during their seasons, but work on another level during the off-season. These athletes are constantly trying to improve their skills from the previous years. Their motivatio...

What is your “why”?

Tyler Stein

March 7, 2018

A human clock ticks on what drives them. The internal motivation and inspiration to continue the drive, for the amount of greatness they want to obtain. Greatness comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is found at school, ...

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