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The reality of a first year debater

Melissa Marenkovic, Freshman Contributor

January 10, 2019

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As the beginning of your freshman year approaches, the anticipation has arisen, and the expectations are high for new opportunities. As you make your way through the crowded halls failing to find a familiar face, you make your way to your first class grasping yo...

Meditation and its positive impacts

Grace Ramun and Mia Malvasi

November 26, 2018

Filed under Opinions, Student Life

Meditation is more than the stopping of thoughts, it is more than sitting with your legs crossed and eyes shut. It's about so much more, and today we will dive into this subject with Grace Ramun and discuss how exactly meditat...

The good, the bad and the in-between of senior year

Giannah Marasovich

November 26, 2018

Filed under Student Life

From day one of high school all anybody ever said was to savor the next four years because it goes by in the blink of an eye. This year the class of 2019 is finishing up their time in high school and here some of the pros and c...

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