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Is it a sport or isn’t it???

Alexis Pomponio

March 25, 2020

A common controversy that has been around for a long time is what is considered a sport?  This debate has been around for years. But has it ever actually been answered? And why does this even matter? According to a surve...

Reading can be fun. Seriously.

Jenna Vrabel and Ally Wilson

March 24, 2020

The Hunger Games, Divergent,  Harry Potter, and Twilight, teenagers loved these sagas. All of these movie series have one thing in common, they were first books. Even today, popular teen movies such as, To All The Boys I Loved B...

The beast of ambition

The beast of ambition

March 24, 2020

Which is better, Chipotle or Hot Heads?

Soha Bajwa, Sophomore Contributor

February 18, 2020

Which is better, Chipotle or Hot Heads? Some argue Chipotle while others argue Hot Heads. It’s almost split 50/50, but not quite. I went around and asked 50 people which place they like better, and they all had their reasons...

Sports and parents: Who dropped the ball?

Grace Rosko, Junior Contributor

December 20, 2019

The most common and mainstream sports fan these days is considered to be the “soccer mom.” Traditionally seen in their element, with their child’s name plastered on a t-shirt, “Tommy’s #1… GOOO Tigers!!,” holding...

When is the right time to turn on the Christmas music?

Olivia Love, Junior Contributor

December 2, 2019

Everyone is aware of the biggest debate of the fall/winter time period.  The argument that causes yelling, plugging ears, and even aggressively turning off the radio while yelling and plugging ears, depending on your stance.  ...

How to handle setbacks

Grace Rosko, Junior Contributor

November 18, 2019

Ironically, I was sitting in a church for, at the time, a good friend's confirmation. It was a random Sunday, at a church that was not of my affiliation; and in my classic, immature eighth grade fashion, I was not paying atten...

Emily’s travel tips and essentials

Emily Sophia Riley Gomez, Senior Contributor

November 12, 2019

Everyone either is a traveler, knows a traveler, or wants to be a traveler.  The world offers us a diverse amount of beautiful scenery that everyone should at least see once in their life. While travelling itself is seem...

My approach to style in three outfits

Chloe Deak, Junior Contributor

November 12, 2019

Style is one of the many things I use to express myself. It's one of the many art forms that is actually very widely useful. Being able to put together a fashionable outfit is hard work, and it definitely pays off in the long...

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