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The Cardinal is the student news organization of Canfield High School in Canfield, Ohio. The Cardinal staff is currently advised by Mr. Chris Jennings, teacher at Canfield High School. In 2014, The Cardinal was named best overall student publication at YSU Press Day and has won nearly 100 awards at the state and regional levels in the past three years, and Mr. Jennings has been named Adviser of the Year twice during his seven years as a student publications adviser.

The Cardinal Publishing Policy

The Cardinal is a school-sponsored publication produced by the students of Canfield High School. It is a forum for student expression as well as an opportunity to students to develop their journalistic and critical thinking skills. The publication provides a full opportunity for students to inquire, question and exchange ideas in a responsible, independent fashion without prior review from the administration.

Therefore, while The Cardinal will adhere to federal, state and local laws, the content of the publication is not to be construed as the views of the staff or Board of Education of the Canfield Local School District. The Cardinal staff understands that with privilege comes responsibility and will adhere to professional journalism standards and refrain from publication of material that is obscene, libelous, creates a clear and present danger of immediate material and substantial physical disruption to the school, or invades privacy.

In their continuing quest for professional journalism standards, students will strive for accuracy, objectivity and fair play; edit for purpose of space as well as grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure; verify all facts and quotations; analyze the need for rebuttal comments and provide space in the case of controversial subjects; and treat all individuals equally regardless of race, religion and sex.

As a forum for student and staff opinion, The Cardinal welcomes submissions from the school community and pledges to publish as adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Submissions must be signed unless the writer provides a substantial need to remain anonymous.

2. Submissions must adhere to the laws of obscenity, libel and fair play.

3. Submissions may be returned to the author for editing.

4. The Cardinal reserves the right to not publish submissions deemed inappropriate for publication.

The Journalist’s Code of Ethics



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