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2016-2017 Staff

Dominic Shaffer

Junior Staffer

Dance isn't just a hobby or a sport; it's a lifestyle. Dominic Shaffer’s after-school activity is dance, his job is dance, his drive is dance; dance is what will get him through life. Shaffer said, “not a lot of people can say...

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Matt Nielson

Senior Staffer

When someone says art what comes to your mind? A painting? A drawing? A picture? Well to Nick Palermo it is life. Nick aspires to be a successful artist going to Ohio University for Visual Communications and potentially a m...

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Taryn Rothbauer

Junior Staffer

Taryn is your average high school student who loves the little things like memes and communicating. But her favorite hobby involves something that she has been doing her whole life. Playing the piano. Taryn has been playing...

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Ally Viano

Senior Staffer

Most people know Ally Viano for her singing or her beautiful piano playing. But there’s one thing most people don’t know about Ally, she has a love for cheese. “I consider myself a cheese connoisseur,” Viano first s...

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Taylor Mead

Senior Staffer

Music is an integral part of our lives. Whether it be through listening, playing, or writing music. We use music to solve a myriad of different problems. But to Taylor Mead, music means so much more. “I think I'm so into...

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Michael Stefanick

Senior Staffer

Video games have become a vital part of world culture. From providing millions of jobs to the creators, to joy for the millions of players themselves, video games have brought enjoyment to the lives of all ages. And for Michael...

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Jordan Audia

Senior Staffer

Everyone has their niche. For some, it is football. For others, it is choir. But for Canfield High School senior Jordan Audia? It is memes. Now, this may sound trivial, but to Audia, it holds a purpose near and dear to his...

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Jackson Horvat

Junior Staffer

Jackson Horvat By Taylor E. Mead   One of the most challenging endeavors a person can encounter is the act of sharing them self with the world. It’s strenuous, tedious, and even terrifying to an extent. Yet, th...

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Matt Nielson

Senior Staffer

When you think of Matt Nielson, what comes to mind? Cunning? Attractive? Childish? How about athlete? “I’m on the bowling and lacrosse teams,” Nielson stated proudly. As a team member of two arguably smaller spo...

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Ava Pernotto

Senior Staffer

Ava Lauren Pernotto, an 18 year old senior at Canfield High School, has lived in this city her entire life, although only being a student of the district for the past four years. She previously attended St. Charles Elementary...

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Ally Cooper

Senior Staffer

Musicals, plays, choir, and Speech and Debate are just a few of the activities Ally Cooper has participated in her four years at Canfield High School. To Cooper besides Chipotle, Speech and Debate is the most important thing in ...

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Maddie Deiley

Senior Staffer

“But like ‘y’ you gotta spell it with a y?” Maddie Deiley is one of those people that you never tire of talking with. Her personality fills the room with every twist and turn her stories take. On the outside, it may...

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Kate Hartshorn

Senior Staffer

A classic complaint amongst high school students is that they don’t have enough time to do everything they want to. Kate Hartshorn is just like her peers: very busy. The 17 year old senior fills her time with many different ac...

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Nick Murphy

Senior Staffer

From the start, the first question asked of the interview was, “Do you play any sports?”.“Does wii sports count?” answered the 18 year old Murphy. This was just a nice ice breaker that brought this interview into a nice calm...

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Sara Roger

Senior Staffer

Early on, Sara Rogers became a gymnast. She was only 2 years old when she started tumbling. While she was young and just getting the technique down, she started competitively being a gymnast when she was just 7 years old. As...

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Chloe Cruz

Junior Staffer

Chloe Cruz. When she was 10 years old, Chloe Cruz discovered a passion for softball. “People say that I started very late,” said Chloe. Starting slow in rec-ball for only one season she realized she wanted to play a...

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Ashlyn Cleevely

Senior Staffer

Ashlyn Cleevely is an 18 year old girl with a love for sports. As a kid Ashlyn played many different sports such as basketball, soccer & swimming. She always figured she would play sports forever. “I love playing sports...

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Bridget Durkin

Senior Staffer

Bridget Durkin is very excited to be a high school senior because she is ready to start her life in college. She has been looking forward to graduating high school since freshman year. “ I am excited and nervous to start...

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Vincent Patierno

Sophomore Staffer

While Journalism, the elective offered at Canfield High school can range from interesting to just another class for most Canfield students, Vince Patierno sees it as a way to help him get his life on the right path and help him ...

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